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Installing 4A-GE into AA60 Carina

As with AE85s and AE86s..... and converting from an AE85 to an AE86 spec car. It is always easier, And 99% of the time cheaper to start off with the upgraded model. Not only do you not have to source any of the bits required to do the swap. But whenever something breaks, you can fix it using the standard car manual. If anyone buys your car, they don't have to know exactly what was used and how it all works.
That said, there's nothing that teaches you about diagnosing a problem, or how a car works like a good healthy(?!?!) conversion. So if you can't track down the car you want, for a reasonable price.... or the car in question didn't come out with the engine you want. Knock yourself out and convert it!!
Just remember this one thing... There will always be something that you are not prepared for. ... normally 2,3, a dozen things... but this will always push out the 'estimated' time taken to 2 or 3 times what was thought.

I would like to wish a big thanks to the people who helped with this swap :D

General Conversion Problems

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