Garage Dori
Karl Skewes - AE70

This Car has been Sold!!
All actions by this car and its new owner can no longer be associated with Garage Dori, but for the record, here are it's specs at time of sale.

85 Toyota Corolla [AE70]

4A-GE Smallport Redtop - 1600cc, dohc
Professionally built by Glendene Engine Reconditioners (GER).
MegaSquirt-I ECU controlling fuel and quad coils.
TRD 0.8mm headgasket.
Ported and Skimmed head. full balance, shot peen, etc.
Toda 304/288 8.5mm cams, valve springs & cam gears
Silvertop 20V Rods, ITB's & Custom Trumpets.
Extractors & 2.25" Under diff Exhaust.
AE86 Fuel Tank.
Solid Mounted.

Nite Parts CNC A->W (Supra) Bellhousing.
Goodworks-SPL 3.7kg AE86 Flywheel.
Glenn Parts Puck Clutch disk.
Alloy single row Crank Pulley.
W55 Gearbox. Solid Mounted.
Toyota Hilux Diff - Built by Lance. S13 discs & AE92 callipers.
One Piece big uni Driveshaft by Drive Inn.
4.3:1 Locker.

Carina AA63 front struts - converted to coilovers by Lance.
Revolver GX Adaptor NCRA.
Cusco AE86 Pillow Uppers.
Front Shocks - KYB Super Circuit MR2 Rear.
Rear Shocks - KYB Hilux.
Eibach 550lb Front Springs.
Holden Rear Springs.
Nite Parts Adjustable Panhard Rod.
Whiteline Traction Brackets.
Brake booster removed.
Noltec/Nolathane full car bushes.

Front: 14" x 7JJ +0 Work Equipe's + 185/55 Grid 3s..
Rear: 14" x 7JJ +0 Work Equipe's + 185/55 Grid 2's

Tama Autos - Orange Exterior & Engine Bay Paint.
Twin round headlight conversion.
Octane Automotive - full 8 point cage. Homologated.
Nite Parts front strut brace.
New 4 point silverster lever lock harness
3One0 Professionally fitted alarm with central locking.

Weight: Unknown.
Drag: TBA
Dyno Runs:
NA - Cams, Port, Rebuild, 11:1 - 105rwkw

NA - Stock Redtop - 86rwkw

Previous Car(s):
85 Toyota Carina (AA60) - 4AGE Conversion

79 Toyota Corolla SR (KE35) - 2T-GEU Conversion

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006